Bring Out Your Most Beautiful Self

Your eyebrows compliment your entire facial structure, most noticeably enhancing your eyes. Some women ignore their eyebrows; some haven’t learned the best ways to care for them, and some do a little bit too much!

Restoration can make your eyebrows compliment you in the most flattering way! Our services include Eyebrow Grooming (with or without color enhancement), complete Eyebrow Makeovers,  and instruction in color enhancement.   Shaping of your natural brow is critical to it's enhancement of your entire face.  We suggest perfect and permanent shaping of your eyebrow with Electrolysis treatment; thereby eliminating the need for waxing, tweezing either yourself or at a salon.  To discuss these options, please schedule an Eyebrow Consultation; the fee will be applied to your subsequent Eyebrow Service.

Eyebrow Makeover

This consultation and service consists of a complete eyebrow makeover. We also educate you on maintaining the look achieved. It includes: pre-treatment cleansing, trimming, tweezing, waxing, and post-treatment calming. Color enhancement may be applied, to bring out the client’s most lovely face appeal!  Plan approximately one hour. Before and after photos will be taken. Professional eyebrow color and brush will be recommended for you at the end of the session. $80  

Eyebrow Grooming

Cleansing, dusting of finely milled cornstarch, clean-up of existing shape with wax & minor tweezing, trimming and post-treatment calming $35 and with color enhancement. $45 

Eyebrow Color Enhancement

Even after shaping, most eyebrows have sparse or colorless areas which do not allow your brows to look their best; Color Enhancement has become necessary for your best brows ever! 30 minutes of instruction. $45