Xtreme Lashes™ 

Gia is an Xtreme Lashes™ Certified Lash Stylist in Pittsford, New York.  She has been a Certified Lash Stylist with Xtreme Lashes since 2007, applying hundreds of sets of Xtreme Lash eyelash extensions on women in their teens through their seventies!

You also, can wake up to longer, thicker and more beautiful lashes every day! Enjoy the benefits of Xtreme Lashes™ with little or no need to adjust your lifestyle. You can swim, shower, exercise and sleep worry free.   

Xtreme Lashes™ Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that last indefinitely with touch ups. They are weightless with a natural look and feel! Xtreme Lashes™ are vibrant, long and luscious lashes perfect for special occasions or every day wear. They lengthen and thicken without the need for mascara and are water resistant so you can swim or shower. The procedure is not only painless, but it's the most relaxing treatment most women say they've ever had.  A full set of lashes (40+/eye) takes approximately 60-90 minutes.  Call Gia at 585-218-0166 or use the Online Scheduler and schedule your Xtreme Lashes™ consultation and appointment today!

A Full Set of Lashes

Noticeable at 40+ lashes/eye... $225
Fuller at 60+ lashes/eye...$300
Luxurious at 80+ lashes/eye:...$375
All-Out-Glam at 100+ lashes/eye...$450


Refills / touchups:

$85/hour (plus enhancements below) if regularly filled every 2-3 weeks;  

(when =>50% XL lash loss, up-charges apply at the discretion of the Lash Stylist)

Colored lashes (blue, green, purple, wild cherry, and more) are available for an up-charge of $10/color.

Faux Mink (black only) have long tapered tips create a soft feathery appearance; pliable, silky, and soft to touch barely there weightlessness, dry or wet; repels water for reduced twisting and tangles. Available for up-charge of $15. 

Faux Mink bold (black only) for bolder, more visible tips delivering a dramatic color payoff and definition; lightweight and comfortable to wear, when dry or wet.  Available for up-charge of $15.

Faux Mink Ellipse HD (black only) The most dramatic volume-maximizing, lash-doubling lash yet!  An exclusive ellipse-shaped fiber with split tips.  Available for up-charge of $15.

Gia recommends maintenance appointments every 2 weeks to keep your Xtreme Lashes™ looking consistent and their very best!