Xtreme Lashes™ 


Noticeable at 40+ lashes/eye... Full Sets starting at $220

~60+/eye $280... ~80+/eye $340... ~100+/eye $400

Refills / touchups:

$100/hour (additional cost for color enhancement, see below) if regularly filled every 2-3 weeks;  

(when =>50% XL lash loss, up-charges apply at the discretion of the Lash Stylist)

Colored lashes (blue, green, purple, wild cherry, and more) are available for an up-charge of $10/color.

As we are exclusively an Xtreme Lashes provider, we use only their products to provide our service. 

Xtreme Lashes used include:

Faux Mink (black only) have long tapered tips create a soft feathery appearance; pliable, silky, and soft to touch barely there weightlessness, dry or wet; repels water for reduced twisting and tangles.  Faux Mink bold (black only) for bolder, more visible tips delivering a dramatic color payoff and definition; lightweight and comfortable to wear, when dry or wet.  Faux Mink Ellipse HD (black only) The most dramatic volume-maximizing, lash-doubling lash yet!  An exclusive ellipse-shaped fiber with split tips.  

Gia recommends maintenance appointments every 2 weeks to keep your Xtreme Lashes™ looking consistent and their very best!