Where are your eyebrows within an ideal frame?

When I am giving my client an eyebrow makeover, one of the things that's useful, is drawing a picture of an ideally shaped eyebrow, and then placing her eyebrow within that frame.   This will provide a clear picture of where we need to apply color (add eyebrows) and even, remove some outliers.

If you are over 35, please don't hold out from getting shape and color instruction!  Most women believe they can "grow" their eyebrows "in" over a month or two; this typically isn't worth the wait.  Start using a good eyelash/eyebrow enhancing product.  This will stimulate healthier growth, darker color, some added thickness & length, and maybe most importantly, as you age, minimize the genetically-forthcoming gray pigment as well as the thicker, rougher-textured hairs that simply don't look as pretty as the peptide complex-stimulated younger eyebrows!

In my next post, we'll look at options for eyebrow & color enhancement!