Shine or Matte?

Lately, I have been noticing many women who are using a dry powder eye shadow to enhance their eyebrows.  That's okay., however.. there are 2 negatives with that approach which I'd like to briefly address:

1) dry matte powder does not mimic eyebrows well and 

2) matte color may be the wrong choice for your skin/hair color

The first issue can be corrected by making a paste with water and using a fine angled brush to carefully stroke the brows in where needed.  Instruction by a pro is good idea!!

The second issue has a quick fix... I'm a good example, my skin/hair/eye color look BEST with high gloss /shine/sparkle.  So generally, if I apply only the powder-paste (referenced above), it simply doesn't look great, something is missing... BUT when I apply prior to, or after, my Brow Pen which has a 'wet' look , my eyebrows have depth & richness and look amazing!  

Take away: every product doesn't work on every eyebrow situation, think outside the box and stay away from the matte powder "blurry eyebrow" application.    You'll see a noticeable improvement of the overall effect!