What about that Micro-blading?

Let's face it, the draw of any variation of "permanent makeup" for your eyebrows, is the notion that you won't have to do anything but wake up with great eyebrows... right?

You'll need to consider several things before you jump into any semi-permanent, or "permanent" solution.  

1) How much eyebrow do you need inked in?  If you are not an eyebrow expert, you may truly not know!  The bottom line is the more you need inked in, the less "real" they will look.  This is because they have only one dimension to them, they are not even "on" the skin, but in the skin... they recede, versus stand-out, like natural eyebrows or make-up does/do!

2) The color inevitably changes anywhere from weeks to months due to our biology being  dynamic, our lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.  So you will still be monitoring color and going back in for a "touch-up" periodically.  Many women who have had micro-blading continue to use a daily eyebrow color enhancement product!  So you'll need to think about how "ahead" time-wise, you might really be.

3) Buyer beware, if the technically excellent micro-blader doesn't have a gift or excellent knowledge of eyebrow shaping, you are potentially stuck for awhile with poorly shaped/color eyebrows!  Make sure you see several recent before & afters  and after 6 months, 12 months and 2 years!   Also, make sure you see some before photos that closely mimic your natural eyebrow situation!

4)  Lastly, over time, there can be scar tissue build-up; this is never a good thing, let alone on the face!

If this helps, would you let me know?

2 steps versus 1 = more compliments!

Recently, I had several clients in 1 day comment on "how do you get your brows to look like that"! The answer is simple, great brows take time and more than one product!

My 2-step process, not for the faint-hearted or hurried... goes like this:

1) Utilizing my Xtreme Lashes Brow pen, I stroke in missing brows and sparse areas.

2) Utilizing my mineral eyeshadow powder in dark brown & black, I wet my tapered angled brush in water and pick up each color on both sides and then apply over the penned in areas!

There's no doubt, they look richer, warmer... you'll love your brows!

The reason I made a career change 12 years ago... EYEBROWS!!

Anyone who knows me, knows my story and that I know eyebrows!  I am passionate about every woman (& man) having GREAT eyebrows!  I recognize that eyebrows are the most significant attribute to enhance not only your eyes, but your entire face!  With all of the options at your disposal to make your brows "pop" your eyes and facial features, it can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least!  I can help you navigate and resolve your eyebrow conundrum... with confidence, that you are making the best choices for the most attractive you!

Let's start with... how old are you anyways?... if you are over 40, I will first strongly recommend you begin using an eyebrow/eyelash fortifier.  As we age, our eyebrows begin their decline.  The beginning and the tail of the brow start receding, read: disappearing!  The texture becomes harsher, if it doesn't become thinner.  Grays will appear, they can wreck everything!  Here's the good news... you can slow down and minimize this inevitable decline by faithfully using your eyebrow fortifier & supplements as directed by the manufacturer.  My current preference, every evening and some mornings when I remember is  Xtreme Lashes Amplifeye System.  And yes, if you are compliant with the regimen, you'll see and maintain the results.  If you are a slacker, you'll see those results as well!

Stay tuned.  Your best eyebrows await you!